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Mathematics Department


The Department of Mathematics is one of the oldest Departments in The Govt. P.G.College Bemetara. The Undergraduate programme was started in the year 1966-67.The Postgraduate programme was started in the year 1989. Popular demand for theUG programme for computer science resulted in the launch of the B.Sc.CS (Self Financed) programme in 2015.


The vision of the department of Mathematics is to upgrade performance standards in the field of mathematics in order to be a leading department in the area of Bemetara district as well as Durg Division. The department of Mathematics is engaged to generate skilled mathematical mind with all scientific aptitude for every comer of knowledge based society. We also commit to create a new learning environment that will encourage mathematical intelligence and to use the mathematical knowledge for problem solving and exploring subjects by using multiple representations of the mathematical content. Creation of knowledge based society is our primary vision. Our next step vision is to produce both applied and basic mathematical knowledge.


To motivate the students in upgrading their interest in contemporary mathematical techniques.

To strengthen the students analytical abilities in the field of mathematics.

To conduct outreach programmes for the socially marginalized students.

To graduate qualified cadres whole equipped with insight and research skills in the field of mathematics

Mathematics Department Faculties

S NoFaculty PhotoFaculty NameQualificationDepartmentDesignationMobile No
1 Shri M.F. Khan-MSc CSIR-NETMathematicsAssistant Professor-
2 Ms. Shail Kumari Sharma-MScMathematicsAssistant Professor-
3 Mrs. Payal Goswami-M.Phil. M.Sc.MathematicsAssistant Professor8871892982