Vision Mission

Vision :

To provide quality education, enhance human values, professionalism and scientific loom to all sections of students including scheduled tribes, scheduled castes, other backward communities and religious minorities with special focus to female and underprivileged students and develop their personality to become a responsible citizen.

  1. Embrace in its fold students from all sections and categories especially addressing to the needs of the students and provide quality higher education.
  2. To provide ample scope for multifaceted development of local youths
  3. Expose the students especially the under-privileged ones to variety of activities, academic and extra-academic, aiming at their overall development.
  4. Inculcate humanistic and social values in the students to motivate them towards community services.
  5. Inspire the young minds to develop the habits of critical thinking to achieve creative excellence,
  6. Promote quality research among the teachers and students, sensitize the students on issues relating to ecology, environment, human rights and gender equality.

The objective of the College is “to achieve the stated vision and mission statements through its action plans and relevant activities”.