Communal Harmony

Govt. Pt. J.L.N. Arts and Science P.G. College Bemetara is known as an ideal example of communal harmony. It does not managed by any specific community or does not represent any specific communal thoughts. It respects all communal philosophies. Our college is the part of inclusive society and not a Minority College. This institute is open to all students, therefore students of various castes, creeds, sections and religions are our main beneficiaries from last 21 years. In this institution students from Hindu, Muslim & Boudhha community are large in numbers; but there are no any religious crises among all. Institution has developed team spirit among its stakeholders including management, teachers & students. Our students are learning & celebrating together and have a friendly relationship among them. We have number of Hindu students from different casts & sub-casts in addition to Muslims, Jain, and Boudhha. We have respect for every religion in our routine practices as institutional philosophy. Our festivals are celebrated together. In the context of different communities we are secular. 

Our ideal Practices….

  • Celebration of Birth and Death Anniversaries:-

In this institution we celebrate the birth and death anniversaries of our national heroes; like Lokamanya Tilak, Mahatma Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Shashtri and A P J Abdul Kalam as well as Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. Though these leaders belongs to different community; the students of all religions enthusiastically participates in these activities. We encourage students to expresses their thinking and wish to follow the principles of these national heroes.They offers their tribute to them through posters, rangawali. This is the ideal way to develop notion of patriotism inculcates in the mind of students of all communities.

  • No Restriction on food and wearing culture:-

We do not have restriction and we never force to any stakeholder of our institute to adopt food and wearing of any specific culture. Male and female students can wear their dresses according to their own choice and customs. Muslim girls wears hizab and scarf according to their religion. Hindu girls wears ornaments, bangles and sarees as per their customs. Students & Teachers celebrates Diwali, they invite their muslim friends for the festival and Muslim students invites students of different religions for celebrating EID. Our teachers preferably takes leads in such type of celebrations.

Students are being wished in class rooms to encourage cultural respect & interaction. The religious books are made available for references and for understanding the religious values of every one. It has resulted no religious conflicts among our students & Teachers.

  • Scholarships and Socio economic benefits:-

The minority students as well as the students from SC and ST gets the Scholarships and other socio economic benefits as per government norms.


Focused Programmes and Activities:-

  • Open Discussions:-

It is well focused activity to develop healthy conversations among the students. The Religious philosophies or religious gospels are being discussed among the students under formal talk. The students are expected to express their opinions and feelings about the given topics.

  • Poster Exhibitions:-

It is creative activity to express through Poster Exhibitions, Rangawali. Our students prepare different posters on different subjects including communal harmony, National Integrity, Independence Day & Republic day etc.

  • Visit to religious places:-

Institutional tours are being arranged to visit different industries and religious places every year. In  2018 students visited Dapoli. Teachers of our college had visited Goa Church.

  • Communal Harmony among Teachers. –

Our teaching & non-teaching staff is an ideal example of communal harmony. All staff members of this institute are appointed merely on the basis of their abilities and qualities besides their cast & religion. It has resulted proper synchronisation of various casts & community peoples in our staff including Hindu and Boudhha.