IQAC Cell Meeting Details



शिक्षा गुणवत्ता 

(Educational Quality Improvement Program) 

We will engage our students in learning activities and experiences that reflect and replicate how they will work and collaborate in the vocation, profession, or field they are preparing for. As a student progresses through their chosen unit, module or programme, they will engage in activities that will help them to further transition into the working environment. Students will be engaged in helping to shape and create their learning through choice and negotiation relating to the individual and collaborative activities that they undertake. Wherever possible this should extend to what students focus on and produce for their assessed work.



Sanitation in Institute (Under Swachh Bharat Program) 

Environmental sanitation is a major public health issue in India. Recent interventional studies on environmental sanitation in educational institute highlighted the importance of prioritizing control strategies. Research related to the appropriate cost-effective intervention strategies and their implementation in Indian context is a big challenge. We discuss various intervention strategies related to environmental sanitation in our College andemphasizes to prioritize it according to the need of Institute.




eLearning Platform

This meeting  deals with development of SWAYAM MOOCs platform with the objective of taking best teaching learning resources to all, including the most disadvantaged by bridging the digital divide of students who have hitherto remained untouched by the digital revolution and have not been able to join the mainstream of the knowledge economy.



SQC activities

SQC meetings were conducted. The outcomes of the meetings are as follows: 

Dissemination of information regarding the activities of various Cells, Centers and Committees. The SQC shared the dissemination information with the student community on various initiatives and activities of the college to inform and motivate students for utilization and development. 

Development of student leadership to enhance quality: The Meetings enabled the development ofleadership ability in the SQC members through talks and discussions. 

Student feedback for quality: The various feedback mechanism available such as structured feedback for teaching quality, Exit feedback, feedback on Curriculum, feedback, suggestion boxes, etc., were detailed. The student’s were made to understand the importance of quality feedback for quality enhancement.

Awareness on Environmental and Social issues: The SQC conducted an awareness campaign (a rally in the campus with Slogans and Posters) on, „Environment and Climate change‟ and on Green practices to be adopted.




Importance of Voting Awareness

Why should you vote? To make a change. To get access to education, better healthcare and childcare, fair tax policies, basic income, better roads and transport facilities, and other basic amenities. You should vote to make your voice heard. Your chance to vote gives you the power to choose the most suitable candidate who can run the country. If you vote, you can decide who represents your city and country. If you vote, you become an essential part of the decision-making process that will surely affect your everyday life. When youvote, you get a significant way to express your opinion on the issues you are concerned about.

Govt. Pt.J.L.N.P.G. College with the assistance of School District Collector & their committee organized a fun and interactive ‘Voting Awareness Campaign’ on 13th March 2019 in the College premises. The Campaign was aimed at raising awareness among students about the LokSabha Election that were held on April 2019. Theevent was flagged off by the Collector Bemetara, Mr. Mahadev Kaware with other faculty members and enthusiastic students made the event a grand success. Students under the guidance of faculty members prepared slogans and posters on voting and marched from the College Main Gate to the Administration Block of Collectorate carrying those colorful placards.




MeetingRegarding Establishment of SOLAR PLANT

Meeting held on Solar plant establishment for RUSA building. CREDA officials were part of that meeting and we send the proposal for higher authority.